Redd \ Flagg is a long-term, independent project centred on giving support to the production of inter-disciplinary art.

In addition to facilitating a shared studio space in downtown Toronto, we host workshops, lectures, performances, and other community-oriented events.

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\\\\\ Past Events \\\\\

2021 >

Dec 4 + 5: Chainmail Workshop with Basically Metal

   Presented by Redd\Flagg.

2019 >

July 21: Redd\Flagg Artist in Residence Publication Launch + Fundraiser

   Presented by Redd\Flagg.

May - September: Artist in Residence: Installation by Fysal Amirzada & Taylor Charbonneau with Text by Lena Suksi

   Presented by Redd\Flagg.

July 9 - August 27: Neurophenomology Reading Group
   Organized by Isaac Flagg.

June 30: Dress to Sweat w/ DJ /ˈɒktəpəs/ + Special Guests

   Organized by Wolfgang Nessel.

May 25: Dress to Sweat *40th Birthday Edition* w/ Valeroo, Vibrant Matter, Hadara, Isogon, + DJ /ɒktəpəs/

   Organized by Wolfgang Nessel. & Brenden Jensen.

April 14: Dress to Sweat w/ DJ /ˈɒktəpəs/ + Special Guests

   Organized by Wolfgang Nessel.

February 24: Dress to Sweat w/ DJ /ˈɒktəpəs/ + Hadara + Isogon

   Organized by Wolfgang Nessel.

2018 >


December 8: Artist in Residence: Performance and Installation by Koko with Text by Fan Wu

   Presented by Redd\Flagg

May 27: Dress to Sweat w/ DJ /ˈɒktəpəs/ & DJ New Chance

   Organized by Wolfgang Nessel and Victoria Cheong.

April 8: Press Reset: Possibly Fun Aerobics w/Alicia Grant & DJ New Chance 

   Organized by Victoria Cheong.

April 1: ANXIETY :sOCIAL facilitates . . . quoetry.

Organized by Pòny co~hosted by Fan Wu

March 18: ANXIETY :sOCIAL facilitates . . . badgering.

   Organized by Pòny co~hosted by Laura Rafferty 

Febuary 11: ANXIETY :sOCIAL facilitates . . . ¿pǝlzznd/puzzled?.

   Organized by Pòny.

January 21: Dress to Sweat w/ DJ Valeroo and DJ /ˈɒktəpəs/.

   Organized by Wolfgang Nessel and Victoria Cheong.

January 14: ANXIETY :sOCIAL facilitates . . . mani~care.

   Organized by Pòny.

2017 >

November 29: The Assembly w/ Ruth Kaplan, moderated by Andrea Leigh Pelletier and Christie Pearson

   Organized by Monica Terrero, Alex Kwok, and Benjamin Freedman.

October 22: Beginner's Embroidery Workshop w/ Stacy Sproule

   Organized by Victoria Cheong.

September 27: The Assembly w/ Isabel M. Martinez and Liana Schmidt

   Organized by Monica Terrero, Alex Kwok, and Benjamin Freedman.

August 24: The Assembly w/ Jeff Bierk & Brendan George Ko

   Organized by Monica Terrero, Alex Kwok, and Benjamin Freedman.

May 4 - 21: Home*

   Group exhibition w/ Sarah Kelly, Luke Maddaford, Lee D’Angelo & Bethany Rose Puttkemery.

   Curated by Adrienne Crossman.

   For a review by Philippe Pamela Dungao, click here.

April 20 - 23: I See You And I Love You

   Solo exhibition of banner and print works by Mary Tremonte.

March 4: Anti-Object w/ Anastasia Kristensen, Kaz_Kandy, Widdows 95.

   Also including video projection by Fran Riley, installations by Maddi Hadley and Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen, furniture by Fysal             Amirzada and Taylor Charbonneau.

   For a retroactive poem by Fan Wu, click here.

March 12: ANXIETY :sOCIAL facilitates . . . sing~a~long w/ Alex Samaras & Ghislain Aucoin.

   Organized by Pòny.

February 14: Canvassers

   Solo exhibition of video by Veronica Mockler.

   Curated by Christophe Barbeau.

   For photography by Felix Kalmenson, click here.

January 22: ANXIETY :sOCIAL facilitates . . .  brain farts.

   Organized by Pòny.


2016 >

December 11: ANXIETY :sOCIAL facilitates. . . the drawing room

   Organized by Pòny.

   Poster designed by Robynne Redgrave (with research by Katie Stemeroff).


Redd \ Flagg supports artistic practices by providing regular studio rentals and access to space for workshops and community-oriented events.


Redd \ Flagg could not exist without the financial and organizational support of the artists who work full-time at Redd\Flagg. Thank you to all of our past and present studio tenants / friends / collaborators: Johnathan Adjemian, Basil AlZeri, Faraz Anoushahpour, Parastoo Anoushahpour, Victoria Cheong, Adrienne Crossman, Ryan Ferko, Oliver Husain, Felix Kalmenson, Katie Kotler, Jennifer Laiwint, Valerie Soo and Pöny.